Mission Statement

The goals for us as a company

Mission Statement

KH Engineering Services is a company where staff have the responsibility and authority to deal with our client’s problems and queries as they arise.

The only way in which we can make our staff trustworthy is to trust them; staff are empowered to make decisions whilst being mindful of the cost to the company.

We want our staff to be friendly and responsive; we encourage our staff to bring individuality, freshness and care to work with them each and everyday.

Whilst it is paramount that the production of profit for the business is critical to its success, staff consider always the requirements of our clients. Investing in our clients is to invest in our future.

Mistakes are inevitable, dissatisfied clients are not.

We work together as a team, provide support for each other and develop team spirit and culture, if a failure occurs, we work together to identify the cause, this is more positive than searching for someone to blame.

Ensuring the health, safety and welfare of employees, clients and visitors is of utmost importance, and all employees operate a positive duty of care towards others who could be affected by our actions.

Most of all we are flexible and open to change by both our clients and the environments we work within.