Network Rail Limited


Waterloo Station


HVLV Ventilation


Transport - Rail


Central, London






3 Months

The Brief

The works required the removal of existing ventilation ductworks, fans and control equipment situated in the secure arches below Waterloo Station and installation of new Air Handling units and control systems.

The Approach

To maintain the correct operating temperature within the High Voltage equipment rooms whilst the works were in progress required the installation of temporary industrial cooling equipment. Mechanical handling equipment was utilised to carefully lower the redundant sections of ductwork and equipment and to lift and locate the new ventilation sections and air handling units into position.

KH Engineering HVLV Ventilation at Waterloo Station
KH Engineering HVLV Ventilation at Waterloo Station
KH Engineering HVLV Ventilation at Waterloo Station
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The Challenges

The location of the works were a major challenge as the staff, plant, equipment and materials all had to be taken through another clients domain whilst complying with their procedures and requirement and into the underground service routes below Waterloo station know as the Milk Arch.

The Delivery

New control systems and panels were installed to control the HVLV room temperatures via designed flow rates of air and these were interfaced with existing station smoke dampers and fire alarm systems.

The Outcome

The new ventilation and controls ensured the safe continued use of the High voltage control equipment used to maintain services to the station.

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